Call to action before Earth Day!

By now - especially if you already follow me on social media - you'll have heard I have a book coming out. The Erenwine Agenda is about an intern architectural designer who takes on the natural gas industry. I'm pleased to share these early reviews of The Erenwine Agenda: on the earth-healing perspective, a review from shaman … Continue reading Call to action before Earth Day!

What healing is…

I heard this today on an Abraham-Hicks audio on YouTube - I'm transcribing for you here because I think it's well worth sharing. "A healer is someone who sees the expanded version of someone, focuses on it completely, and therefore dominates the vibration to influence the other toward it... ...whether you are a counselor who … Continue reading What healing is…

I have a new favorite hashtag

It's #loveourplanet - check it out on all platforms. Instagram is especially good. Find a photo to tag with this everyday. Enjoy! -Maia

Dear Julia

Dear Julia, We met many years ago at the New York Open Center. I wonder if you remember me. I remember you. We spoke no words; we made eye contact with each other every week in a bright and silent corridor. I sat near your classroom while I waited for my own class to begin. My classmates … Continue reading Dear Julia