Salmon gathering

I had a dream in the early hours this morning – an Earth Day dream. Near my office—we’re somewhere northern—closer to the Arctic Circle. Salmon gathering, next to my friend’s office window, in the river that ran clear past by the office building— under a train bridge, parallel to a turning train line. Stood with … Continue reading Salmon gathering

What we do: a daily rituals list for preteens

I wrote this for my own family as we get ready to go back to school this fall, and thought I'd share. Might be helpful to one of you out there! Morning Smile! It's going to be a great day. Stretch when you wake up. Think of a happy word for the day. Take long, … Continue reading What we do: a daily rituals list for preteens

Seven (Groups of) Questions for JK Rowling

I've been on a binge of watching any and all interviews with author JK - Jo - Rowling on YouTube. Why? Hard to say. Of all the writing projects I have in the works* it is the children's story that engages my interest most at this time. Perhaps that's why. I watched these interviews with JK Rowling and … Continue reading Seven (Groups of) Questions for JK Rowling

Appreciating the little things, that become the big things

It's been a busy stretch lately with a focus on the house. Completed my green building continuing education credits today online (I'm a LEED-AP BD+C*), with one kid home sick from school. I appreciate the balance of both architectural building interests and family attention. Lining up all the elements of life. What are you appreciative … Continue reading Appreciating the little things, that become the big things

Be the Dream

It's Martin Luther King Junior Day here in the US. I watched this classic MLK clip with my children today: His words still resonate. Are relevant. Authenticity rolls off his tongue. Inspired, we moved into the present, in search of new and current interpretations. That led us to this: Be the dream. Hold everyone you … Continue reading Be the Dream