What if…

What if... Every time we mention “climate change” or “political change” or “social change” we replace the words with “art for change” - ? I think this softens the implied goal into something immediately achievable, satisfying and easily shareable. It becomes an action and not a want. It becomes a community verb. It carries its … Continue reading What if…

What’s Working Well?

What's working well? This has been coming up a lot lately. I just answered a similar question on the Facebook page of the lovely Kate Northrup and found it helpful to think about, so I am sharing my answer here, too. Partly to shine a light on her good work and also to hold myself … Continue reading What’s Working Well?

What I want…for the world

I want a happy society where goods, services & processes work well and people are cared for; where individuals thrive both in terms of health and creativity; where there is enough wealth (food, fuel, money, resources) for anyone who wants or needs; where people understand their power to create, and they appreciate the harmony that … Continue reading What I want…for the world

Dear Julia

Dear Julia, We met many years ago at the New York Open Center. I wonder if you remember me. I remember you. We spoke no words; we made eye contact with each other every week in a bright and silent corridor. I sat near your classroom while I waited for my own class to begin. My classmates … Continue reading Dear Julia

What we do: a daily rituals list for preteens

I wrote this for my own family as we get ready to go back to school this fall, and thought I'd share. Might be helpful to one of you out there! Morning Smile! It's going to be a great day. Stretch when you wake up. Think of a happy word for the day. Take long, … Continue reading What we do: a daily rituals list for preteens

Transformational Destination Retreats!

I'm too excited to not-share. I signed up for a 12 week online/phone coaching class in Transformational Destination Retreat planning. This course is led by Sheri Rosenthal who has studied and worked for many years with teacher don Miguel Ruiz, author of The Four Agreements. Yes! I've taught one day workshops and led one day retreats … Continue reading Transformational Destination Retreats!

Seven (Groups of) Questions for JK Rowling

I've been on a binge of watching any and all interviews with author JK - Jo - Rowling on YouTube. Why? Hard to say. Of all the writing projects I have in the works* it is the children's story that engages my interest most at this time. Perhaps that's why. I watched these interviews with JK Rowling and … Continue reading Seven (Groups of) Questions for JK Rowling