Why I travel

  Why I travel   Because I am human, and I inhabit a physical body, my experience of the sacred is automatically spatial. My experience of the spirit translates easily into the architectures of faith. I explore this. I travel. Because I am human, and because I engage my physical senses at every moment, my … Continue reading Why I travel

The Wild Side

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nJ4qnYMeGos i close my eyes and see the wild places I've been Sharing this beautiful and inspiring rap (yes, rap!) from Baba Brinkman this morning. A friend (Andi) posted about shifting from BC to NYC and the crazy juxtaposition of that, and that reminded me of a remarkable day, when I met Baba Brinkman on a … Continue reading The Wild Side

New Book Alert!

I'm excited to announce that my novel, The Erenwine Agenda, is now available for pre-order on Amazon! This is the short description: An intern architectural designer takes on the natural gas industry. This is the little-bit-longer description: Amalia Erenwine—an environmental activist working in New York City as an architectural intern—takes on the natural gas industry … Continue reading New Book Alert!

I have a new favorite hashtag

It's #loveourplanet - check it out on all platforms. Instagram is especially good. Find a photo to tag with this everyday. Enjoy! -Maia http://www.maiakumarigilman.com

What I want…for the world

I want a happy society where goods, services & processes work well and people are cared for; where individuals thrive both in terms of health and creativity; where there is enough wealth (food, fuel, money, resources) for anyone who wants or needs; where people understand their power to create, and they appreciate the harmony that … Continue reading What I want…for the world

New York’s Civic Center – A Walking Tour

I walked through the Civic Center area of Manhattan last weekend, on an AIA (American Institute of Architects) tour. What follows is a photo vignette of the cloudy afternoon - the light made for interesting contrast and a particularly flat reflectivity in the glazed and metal surfaces we observed. A peek at 8 Spruce Street, … Continue reading New York’s Civic Center – A Walking Tour

Clean Energy Strategies for Urban Resilience

Follow the link to access this presentation about Clean Energy Strategies for Urban Resilience - a good overview in a nutshell.