A wilderness journey from heart to home

  Have you ever wondered what's happened to the wilderness of the suburbs? Wondered how to reconnect with nature when you're city-based and not feeling mobile to visit lesser-explored lands? Asked for just a few minutes of wonder and stillness, without having to travel too far to find it? That's what I am sharing with … Continue reading A wilderness journey from heart to home

This is the new playground: this is the leading edge.

When I’m in alignment with inner and outer ways of being, the work flows well and so do the solutions to pressing problems. These solutions don’t always come at once, or even in ways that are readily apparent as they emerge. They come piece by piece and they form a pattern, one that can be … Continue reading This is the new playground: this is the leading edge.

Why I travel

  Why I travel   Because I am human, and I inhabit a physical body, my experience of the sacred is automatically spatial. My experience of the spirit translates easily into the architectures of faith. I explore this. I travel. Because I am human, and because I engage my physical senses at every moment, my … Continue reading Why I travel

Sacred Spaces for the Small Business Soul

Hi friends, I'm running a survey to determine people's specific interests in my next round of teaching offerings, workshops and retreats. If you run a small business or aspire to, please jump in and post your answers! It's fine if you are not in my region - this may go virtual as well as international. Click … Continue reading Sacred Spaces for the Small Business Soul

Transformational Destination Retreats!

I'm too excited to not-share. I signed up for a 12 week online/phone coaching class in Transformational Destination Retreat planning. This course is led by Sheri Rosenthal who has studied and worked for many years with teacher don Miguel Ruiz, author of The Four Agreements. Yes! I've taught one day workshops and led one day retreats … Continue reading Transformational Destination Retreats!

New York’s Civic Center – A Walking Tour

I walked through the Civic Center area of Manhattan last weekend, on an AIA (American Institute of Architects) tour. What follows is a photo vignette of the cloudy afternoon - the light made for interesting contrast and a particularly flat reflectivity in the glazed and metal surfaces we observed. A peek at 8 Spruce Street, … Continue reading New York’s Civic Center – A Walking Tour

Venice, Sea Change

When I pulled the "freehand sketches" card from my editorial calendar inspiration bin, my first thought was to share this quick sketch of Venice, Italy. I drew this on vacation, and was intrigued by the peaks and valleys of the Venetian cityscape, as seen from the top of the Campanile. To tie this into the blog's theme of … Continue reading Venice, Sea Change