It’s ready!

It's ready! You can read The Erenwine Agenda now on any device. Thank you all who've supported. Let the reading begin! -Maia

One more sleep…

  The Erenwine Agenda will be available for you to read tomorrow! For those who have asked: It is available to pre-order now. Pre-ordering counts toward first-day sales figures. It is available on Kindle. As part of the Kindle Unlimited program, I will be paid half a cent (yes) per page you read. So please … Continue reading One more sleep…

This is the new playground: this is the leading edge.

When I’m in alignment with inner and outer ways of being, the work flows well and so do the solutions to pressing problems. These solutions don’t always come at once, or even in ways that are readily apparent as they emerge. They come piece by piece and they form a pattern, one that can be … Continue reading This is the new playground: this is the leading edge.

The Wild Side i close my eyes and see the wild places I've been Sharing this beautiful and inspiring rap (yes, rap!) from Baba Brinkman this morning. A friend (Andi) posted about shifting from BC to NYC and the crazy juxtaposition of that, and that reminded me of a remarkable day, when I met Baba Brinkman on a … Continue reading The Wild Side

New Book Alert!

I'm excited to announce that my novel, The Erenwine Agenda, is now available for pre-order on Amazon! This is the short description: An intern architectural designer takes on the natural gas industry. This is the little-bit-longer description: Amalia Erenwine—an environmental activist working in New York City as an architectural intern—takes on the natural gas industry … Continue reading New Book Alert!

Hike for Roger: ALS Research Funding My friend Steve has a friend called Roger. And Steve is hiking the Appalachian Trail right now, to fund raise for ALS research, in support of Roger. This is a story worth following. If you are moved to share, please do; if you are moved to donate, please do. And as Steve says, "Amplify … Continue reading Hike for Roger: ALS Research Funding

Women of the World

I thought the idea of a women's strike today - International Women's Day - was silly. Then I got the flu, and had to take the day off. Not participating in the larger economy or in the running of my household. Taking a rest day for myself. Nurturing me. I can't think of a better … Continue reading Women of the World