I've been figuring out how to share music with you, because music is important to me. It was a core influence in the writing of The Erenwine Agenda, which is not a book about music. It's a book about design-thinking. And compassion. The music carries the reader through the arc of design-thinking. The music carries … Continue reading #altopassante

ZAHA: a tribute

My dear friend Raya Ani of RAW-NYC Architects is giving a tribute to Zaha Hadid in Austria on April 10th. Raya has asked the Iraqi embassy to hold the doors open for a few more public seats - a few free are tickets left - and so if you are in the area please consider … Continue reading ZAHA: a tribute

New Book Alert!

I'm excited to announce that my novel, The Erenwine Agenda, is now available for pre-order on Amazon! This is the short description: An intern architectural designer takes on the natural gas industry. This is the little-bit-longer description: Amalia Erenwine—an environmental activist working in New York City as an architectural intern—takes on the natural gas industry … Continue reading New Book Alert!

Thoughts for Students of Architecture…

...after having written a novel about an intern architectural designer. I put a free-form talk together this morning for you guys. It is 7.5 minutes long - have a listen and do comment and share! Here is the talk - click to listen.   Have a great design-day all, -Maia http://www.maiakumarigilman.com p.s. I will see … Continue reading Thoughts for Students of Architecture…