What if…

What if…

Every time we mention “climate change” or “political change” or “social change” we replace the words with “art for change” – ?

I think this softens the implied goal into something immediately achievable, satisfying and easily shareable. It becomes an action and not a want. It becomes a community verb. It carries its own weight and allows a spherical transformation to occur, regardless of boundaries or known realities or perceived or wished-for outcomes.

It becomes the tableau on which the new meal is served, the new deal is outlined, and the cruel heel is vanquished. Art is the change it seeks to achieve. It is complete in itself and in its action and its perception there are multiple options for interpretation and in that way, it encompasses everyone. Everything is material. Everything is on the table. Everyone is invited.

-Maia xo


P.S. The image above was taken at the United Nations exhibition Domus Terrae, a group art show at the UN in Geneva, in which my art was exhibited in April 2018, and in which my architectural fabric scrims were used as the backdrop for photographs by this NGO, Mines Action Canada.

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