Dress Rehearsal

domus collaborae-11x17

I am deeply honored to be a part of an international group of artists who will be exhibiting work at the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland, this Spring. Within the next few days, I will have more information to share publicly with you.

Today, I offer a dress rehearsal of some of my work in exhibition, at the Watchung Arts Center in the US where I have a solo art show on display for the month of February. For a few hours only, this afternoon I will be hanging (testing hanging methods, photographing, discussing) six fabric panels that will soon be on display at the UN.

If you are in New Jersey today, please come, from 1-4PM. I will be at the Watchung Arts Center at 18 Stirling Road, Watchung NJ.

Altiore: Semina Mutatio
A series of fabric scrims to be hung at the United Nations

1.      Lignum Vitae:
There is an underlying order to our world, translated by many and disconnected, connected, disconnected, connected. It is this Tree of Life that binds us, separates us and unites us. We cut a limb and another grows. We harvest its resources and we deplete; then we find new growth. We tend toward the new growth.

2.      Humanitas:
We are compassion, connected at our core; consolidated, we move forward, in our being together and in our being apart. There is strength in our connection and delight in our uniqueness. We are human, and evolving.

3.      Maritima Ora:
There is structure to the coastal edge, even as it overtakes communities. Communities benefit from having legs, mobility, resources. Let them move up, move out, and reassemble as needed, as our coastal edges change. It is a puzzle, and we can play its game of movement.

4.      Cor Movere:
In every refugee group, there is a heart center. Let it move through and let it lead; fuel it with respect and resources to give aid to the heart center. Its momentum grows from within.

5.      Ex Caeli Civitas:
Everything is derivative of the Tree of Life, which has all order within it. From above, see the City, from the City, appreciate what is all around. One influences the other, and even more so when we let it.

6.      Forma Invenire:
Find the hidden structure and expand it; this creates a strong foundation for growth. Its undulation leads, suggests and provokes a clearer alignment of form and a clarification of function.

As always and with love,



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