Come to my art opening (February 4)!

Praetervectio - postcard layout (3)

Artist Statement

Praetervectio: Passage

In a time of change, I am called to find a new path, and to go within to find its trailhead.

It expresses itself through color, line and light, and merges with my daily rituals: make coffee, start the car, listen to music… go to work, be with my children… cook food, clean clothes, retire with my mate to sleep. These simple tasks face a brunt of confrontational ripples when thought of in terms of climate change.

Change is upon us, and rather than resist it, I choose to find the flow—my own flow, expressed and shared for others to find resonance with, to appreciate, to embody and to radiate.

This work is part of a progression toward two more shows, one of which is a group show at the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland, and the other which is a solo show in Chelsea, Manhattan. Both are connected to ideas of climate change, resettlement and community.

It helps me to focus on nature and its components of geometry, flow and form, which are with us in our understanding and evolution even when we seem to be at odds with the world around us. I find the feeling, to find the flow.

Where do I want to see us flow? I want us to shift up in in our understanding and evolution… and what does that feel like? Fluid, expressive, expressed and centered… it feels natural. Comes naturally.

And so, it is these feelings around flow, segmentation and recombination that are expressed in this work. It is through this expression that I find passage up.

I hope you will enjoy.

-Maia Kumari Gilman





Watchung Arts Center

18 Stirling Road, Watchung NJ, USA

Sunday, February 4, 1-4pm


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