It’s all new!

Wishing you all a happy new year from my studio in Chatham, New Jersey, where I am taking a break from ironing out abstractly-painted and huge sheer fabric panels that are coming ready for display at one of my three upcoming art shows… a busy and exciting year of creativity ahead. I launched into the art-showing world in 2017 with my first solo art exhibit, Eterna, which you can view online by clicking here.
And in other news…
My publishing company, ASEI Arts, is gearing up to share with you more work from a variety of authors. We’ve just wrapped up our first call for submissions for our visionary eco-fiction anthology, which will be a fundraiser for Habitat Hammers Back, an initiative of Habitat for Humanity. Working on potential projects with three authors from three countries in multiple languages… more on that as the time is right to share… and if you’re in the writing mode yourself, check out our current call for submissions here.
Architectural work is fun and busy: I continue to see private residential and commercial clients in my own architecture practice, Maia Gilman Architect PLLC. I am primarily spending time this season doing building condition assessments on the BCAS project (through engineering merger PB/AW) of New York City Public Schools (an all-weather affair!). It is a real inspiration and privilege to spend the days in learning environments where the students are in a continual parade of creative and scientific churning and output. The teachers and building staff in NYC are amazing and grounded… they have a lot to manage, with 1.1 million students in the school district. For my part, I look at the exterior building conditions, waterproofing, structural conditions, and wheelchair accessibility. It’s very interesting on a daily basis: especially on Staten Island, where I’ve been stationed for the past two months, the discussions revolve around hurricane recovery and flood water adaptations (topics near and dear to my heart, and that I wrote about in my novel).
This past year saw publication of that aforementioned book, my first novel, The Erenwine Agenda, a love story about hydraulic fracturing… I will be doing book readings coming up around Earth Day in 2018, with a couple of potential venues I am in the process of finalizing. In the meantime, you can order the book online (paperback version that will be delivered to you) or through any bookstore in the world (paperback version will be delivered to your local bookstore, for you to pick up there). The book is also available as an e-book if you prefer that way of reading. The links are: in the USA, Barnes and Noble; in Canada, Indigo Booksin the UK, Telegraph Books. If you are ordering through a bookstore you can give them the title, my name, and this ISBN for ordering: 9780998842134.
For those following the adventures of Amalia Erenwine, my novel’s protagonist, be assured more is coming. Over the past summer I finished the first draft of the next in the series, and have put it in a drawer for the time being to “cook” for a bit while I work on other projects. The story, Otter Coast, spans the life of The Reverend Mildred, who you met in The Erenwine Agenda, and connects with Amalia’s evolving story. The ecological thread is there as before, and this time has a focus on medical marijuana and creative states of consciousness.
I published my Reiki teaching manual, almost a decade after writing it… with some changes and a new foreword from me, that shares with you some of the perspective shifts I have experienced over the past few years, as they relate to Reiki and energy healing work. The short version: I do feel it is a very accessible and easy path of feeling good, open to everyone. I’m thinking about publishing a paperback edition of it – right now it is an easy reading e-book.
On a personal note, the family continues to grow… to grow taller, that is… my boys are now 12 and 13, and most definitely taller and more tech-savvy than me. My husband is running creative circles around me with a rapidly expanding woodwork enterprise that might or might not incorporate stained glass, in addition to his city-based architecture practice. We’re a busy studio!
I hope to see you, or meet you, if we haven’t met in person, over the next year – I’ll be doing some traveling and will post dates and venues of upcoming events as they come ready to be shared. Stay tuned for juicy details!
All the best,
Maia xo

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