The Wild Side

i close my eyes
and see the wild places I’ve been

Sharing this beautiful and inspiring rap (yes, rap!) from Baba Brinkman this morning. A friend (Andi) posted about shifting from BC to NYC and the crazy juxtaposition of that, and that reminded me of a remarkable day, when I met Baba Brinkman on a bridge.

I had the unusual experience of appearing on The Highline at the exact moment that Baba set up to record the portion of this video that’s set there on The Highline. I was an audience of one: and it was immensely profound to sit next to him and his team while creating this.

I’d wondered if I should say something, me perching there next to the recording equipment, and when I heard him rap “I’m Canadian, eh,” I knew I would. We had a most wonderful conversation and found we both hail from Vancouver. The video above is filmed half in Vancouver and half in NYC.

i love the wilderness
and then…
you can see it when you close your eyes
and dream

It’s a unique time to be Canadian in the United States – our perspective is perhaps different than our counterparts – and never more vital and relevant to the expansion of ideas right where we live, on the wild side.


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