Thoughts for Students of Architecture…

Promo Poster for Launch of The Erenwine Agenda

…after having written a novel about an intern architectural designer.

I put a free-form talk together this morning for you guys. It is 7.5 minutes long – have a listen and do comment and share!

Here is the talk – click to listen.


Have a great design-day all,


p.s. I will see about transcribing or refining this talk for those who are interested. Message me for more info.

p.p.s. The book will be out soon. Best way to keep abreast of updates is to follow me on one of my social media channels or here on Goodreads. Thanks!

Hike for Roger: ALS Research Funding

My friend Steve has a friend called Roger. And Steve is hiking the Appalachian Trail right now, to fund raise for ALS research, in support of Roger. This is a story worth following. If you are moved to share, please do; if you are moved to donate, please do. And as Steve says, “Amplify Your Life!”

Website here: Hike For Roger

Stay tuned for updates!



Women of the World

I thought the idea of a women’s strike today – International Women’s Day – was silly. Then I got the flu, and had to take the day off. Not participating in the larger economy or in the running of my household. Taking a rest day for myself. Nurturing me. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate International Women’s Day than that.

I leave you (as I go back to my sofa and tea) with this snippet of a song by CeeLo Green, “Women of the World (Go on Strike!).” Click play on the link below to listen. And watch the movie it’s from, Begin Again – it’s excellent.

May we all – women, men, and those in between – take the time to nurture our own selves.

Be well!