Draft your Novel in a Day


Otherwise titled: Draft MY Novel in a Day, because what works for one person might work differently for another. So, take from this what you find helpful and leave the rest for the next person.

Yesterday I felt complete and satisfied with my first novel, and after about 12-14 drafts, submitted it to a visionary fiction publisher. It’s not the first time I’ve submitted the WIP to an agent or publisher, but it IS the first time I’ve submitted this draft. To me, that feels fresh and real and new. And done, for now.

Today, I’m collecting all the notes from my research, outlining and vignette-jotting for my second novel. I’ve decided that by the end of today, I will have a working document that becomes a grid I can fill in over the next few months of first-draft writing. It’s how I planned my first novel, how I planned my wedding, how I plan trips…the one day blitz. And then I enjoy a few more months or years of filling in the details as they flow. It’s not a pantser or plotter perspective. I learned a new label last night: lumper. Lumper versus splitter. Kind of like generalist versus specialist. Today, I lump it all together!

Stay tuned. First novel has a focus on hydraulic fracturing, second novel has a focus on medical marijuana. Of course I always ask myself (and ask of readers): is that what it’s really about? Or is it about something else?

You’ll have to read to find out.

Happy Sunday lumping/planning/generalizing,




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