Draft your Novel in a Day

Otherwise titled: Draft MY Novel in a Day, because what works for one person might work differently for another. So, take from this what you find helpful and leave the rest for the next person. Yesterday I felt complete and satisfied with my first novel, and after about 12-14 drafts, submitted it to a visionary … Continue reading Draft your Novel in a Day

Feeling Good In Your Own Space

Last weekend, before the US election, I gave a public talk about architecture at the Library of the Chathams in Chatham, New Jersey. I'm sharing the draft text I wrote before my talk, my notes in effect, as they provide a road map for feeling good in your own space. This is something I think … Continue reading Feeling Good In Your Own Space


This is an excellent resource document for anyone seeking further background on #StandingRock. Contents: Preface Key Terms Oceti Sakwoin Oyate Territory and Treaty Boundaries 1851-present Timeline of United States settler colonialism Readings by Theme and Topic Suggested Citation: NYC Stands… https://nycstandswithstandingrock.wordpress.com/standingrocksyllabus/ image via Google Maps Source: #StandingRockSyllabus