What we do: a daily rituals list for preteens

I wrote this for my own family as we get ready to go back to school this fall, and thought I’d share. Might be helpful to one of you out there!

Smile! It’s going to be a great day.
Stretch when you wake up.
Think of a happy word for the day.
Take long, slow deep breaths.
Pull up your bed covers as you get out of bed.
Did you have any dreams you would like to share?
Eat breakfast together, sitting down.
Dressing rituals: deodorant, shoe powder, teeth.
Give everyone a hug before you go.
Look at the sky! Feel the ground beneath your feet.
Have a great day!
How was today?
Share a happy thought from the day.
Help each other to find solutions.
What homework do you have?
Empty your backpack entirely, put things where they go.
Rec time: relax, run, bike, read, build. Computer time on weekends.
Find your homework spot and line yourself up with what you need to do.
Find something fun within the homework or your approach to it.
Take trampoline or jumping jack breaks.
Collect tomorrow’s books and papers.
Any forms to be signed by a parent?
What are we having for dinner?
Be a sous-chef and make some fun choices with the food.
Get creative with food flavors and combinations.
Did you like the food?
What would you do differently next time?
Help to clean up: it’s faster and more time for fun together.
Make what you want for lunch tomorrow and put in fridge.
Toss any laundry in the machine. Bedsheets on weekends.
Play an after dinner game at the table:

a word or card game if we’re having a busy night.

Before Bed
Think about what you enjoyed today.
Think about how you want tomorrow to be!
Give everyone a hug before you sleep.
Take a glass of water with you.
Cleaning rituals: teeth, shower.
Set out tomorrow’s clothes.
Quiet your mind from the day’s chatter.
Take some long, slow deep breaths.
Think of 5 happy thoughts.
Have a great sleep!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this. Feel free to share and modify to suit your family!


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