If A Business Plan Was A Blog Post…


It would begin with a cup of coffee. Social, warming, and appreciated by introverts and extroverts alike; offering a boost to those who wish to engage. An invitation.


It would bring in color, and a schedule. Color is a wonderful dissolver of resistance. Apply color liberally! Apply it to a schedule, to a budget, to a risk/benefit analysis.


It would consider nature, and our built relationship to it. Blogs push edges, and redefine limits. So can business plans, as guiding documents. Set it down in the plan. How do you want your biz to relate to nature?

A hot drink, a splash of color, and a consideration of nature. If you bring those three elements into your blog, you’ll have something yummy and shareable. If you bring them into your biz plan, you’ll have something social, engaging, and expansive. I’d support a business like that, wouldn’t you?

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