Do More of What Makes You Happy!

It's my birthday! I sat down with pen and paper (and coffee) this morning to write my future self a letter. I'm turning 45 today, and the letter I penned to myself is to be opened by me when I turn 90. Double my age! I can only imagine what the next decades hold for … Continue reading Do More of What Makes You Happy!

Movement for a Sustainable Earth

The movement for a sustainable earth needs more than savvy product choices - it needs mindful steps, taken with grace and a deep breath. A new level of awareness is emerging in the green design movement about the less-visible world of energy work, an ephemeral layer that affects all our experience. By being open to a … Continue reading Movement for a Sustainable Earth

Venice, Sea Change

When I pulled the "freehand sketches" card from my editorial calendar inspiration bin, my first thought was to share this quick sketch of Venice, Italy. I drew this on vacation, and was intrigued by the peaks and valleys of the Venetian cityscape, as seen from the top of the Campanile. To tie this into the blog's theme of … Continue reading Venice, Sea Change

Be the Dream

It's Martin Luther King Junior Day here in the US. I watched this classic MLK clip with my children today: His words still resonate. Are relevant. Authenticity rolls off his tongue. Inspired, we moved into the present, in search of new and current interpretations. That led us to this: Be the dream. Hold everyone you … Continue reading Be the Dream

Editorial Calendar

Rather than create a static editorial calendar for this blog, I wrote dozens and dozens of topics onto cards and put them in a bin. Each one is a topic that brings me joy, and that relates in some way to environmental change. I will select topics from this bin, as moved. More soon! -Maia … Continue reading Editorial Calendar

The Dalai Lama, Climate Change and Joy

Last week, the Dalai Lama's Facebook page featured a recent video of his appearance at The Dalai Lama Center for Ethics and Transformative Values at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He spoke, with several others, about the human response to climate change. Intrigued by the blend of mindfulness and matter in this subject, I watched the almost-two hour … Continue reading The Dalai Lama, Climate Change and Joy